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Desivps operates out of 3 world-class datacenters in Los Angeles-USA, The Hague-Netherlands, Andhra Pradesh-India .


DesiVPS is different from other VPS hosting providers because we provide multi geographic zone availability when serving customers in locations outside of India. We provide customers with rapid action support that is available 24/7 for all of our virtual server hosting solutions.

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Powerful Intel Processors

Our servers are powered by latest and cutting edge Intel Xeon processors.

Rocket-Fast Speeds

Our network is equipped to provide you with rocket fast speeds. So, experience the world-class speed and connectivity by choosing us.

Datacenter grade

Our infrastructure is based on datacenter grade servers from Dell and HP that allow a high level of reliability.

DDoS protection

Our infrastructures benefit from multi-level anti-DDoS protection.

Different hosting platforms to suit every need!

Our varied hosting services are enhanced and optimized with power-packed performance metrics!


SSD Drives, 1 GBPS Port, KVM and much more

Starting at $6 per month See all plans
Resource Pool

SSD Drives, 1 GBPS Port, Fully Customisable and much more

Starting at $12 per month See all plans
Hybrid Servers

Dedicated Resources, SSD Drives, 1 GBPS port

Starting at $40 per month See all plans
Dedicated Server

Enterprise Grade Hardware, Multiple Location

Starting at $80 per month See all plans

Looking to boost your business?

Desivps offers customizable business services, including fully managed servers with dedicated ressources and premium support from our engineers.

Improve Application Speed

Our Performance NVMe M.2 VPS offers is backed with high speed SSD and high clock CPU. It offers stunning performances comparing to our Standard VPS offers

Choose from multiple datacenters

From coast to coast, Desivps operates out of 3 world-class datacenters.

As a globally dispersed provider of hosting solutions, Desivps operates datacenters across 3 different locations in North America, Europe, and Asia - providing the ultimate coverage for your latency-sensitive applications

Scale your server on-demand

  • Fully dedicated resources
  • Asia Optimized Bandwidth
  • Low Latency Network
  • Multiple Datacenter

Starting at $6 per month

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